How does it work

You can image deftlr.com as a cloud vault with unlimited safe deposit boxes. What makes the services unique is the fact, that every safe deposit cloud box is completely anonymous! Your secret is encrypted resp. decrypted always locally on your device using your token.

The encrypted content is sent to the cloud (only your tag is send to the cloud, whereas your token - the password - never leaves your device), stored in a safe box - unreadable for deftlr.com too - and labeled using the specified tag. The content is accessible in the cloud for 3 days and it can be retrieved at any time using the tag. After the 3 days expire, the content is deleted irreversibly and the tag is released and can be used again.

For the encryption process deftlr.com uses AES - Advanced Encryption Standard, which is one of the most frequently used encryption algorithms worldwide. If you want to learn more about the encryption process visit the API page.

You can share your tag & token and allow your friends, your business partners, or persons you trust to read - decrypt - your secret message! The best way to share your secret is by word of mouth. Please note that anyone who has both - your tag & token - can retrieve your encrypted secret from the cloud and can decrypt your secret on his device!

How to use

Retrieve content from a secure safe deposit cloud box:

  • input the Tag you want to retrieve
  • input the Token
  • press the button

Create an anonymous secure safe deposit cloud box:

  • choose a Tag to uniquely identify your box
  • choose a Token to secure your secret
  • input your secret (message or file)
  • press the button

Reset all form input fields:

  • press the button

Delete the content for the specified tag from the cloud:

  • press the button

Try it

Curious to see deftlr.com in action? Pull the demo secret from the cloud by entering hello (or image for demo file) in the tag field and deftlr in the token field!

Stay in touch

New features we are currently working on include: improved anonymous secure file upload - larger size and progress bar; windows desktop client; native mobile clients for Android, iOS and Windows Phone; internationalization; improved API documentation; improved payment system